OnlyFans Alternatives – best crypto & PayPal alternative

  Online you can find many OnlyFans Alternatives, all are having some pros and cons. In this article we will present the best OnlyFans Alternative you can use to make money with your content (photos and videos) and how to promote your profile and gain subscibers (and money).

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🕒If you are influencer / professional or amateur model and you want to make some good money… we hope you can take a few minutes and read more below as we will explain many important things for you and also how to make a lot of money with it and how to promote it (important things).


MYM.Fans (click here to join and get FREE promotion) is the private social network, made in France. It allows public figures — models, influencers to monetize their content and make money with 4.5* from 5* on TrustPilot).

It is available in 8 languages and they are second on the market with number of visitors (second position based on SimilarWeb traffic data).

It is having one of the best conditions in this industry and highest conversion rate (from IG / Twitter follower conversion to paid subscriber) in Europe.

They are the only in this industry who accept PayPal from buyers (PayPal Transactions have 70% Higher Checkout Conversion than Non-PayPal Transactions — source: Transaction — this means more buyers for you). They also accept crypto payments and payouts. 

Their unique recommendation algorithm will show your photos to the right people (your potential buyers).

💸 You share rate is up to 90%. For subscriptions you get 75%, for private sales you get 80% and for tips you get 90%. If you gain enough subscribers (activity on platform) you get even performance bonuses and you get additional percents added to your income (so you can receive highest share rate to you in industry).

💸 You as amateur model can easily make over €1000 (about $1200) monthly as starter in this industry (if you post daily at least one photo / video). In total spending daily maybe a hour and earning over $1200 monthly is not a bad idea, ha? 😊

After you do MYM.Fans creator registration make sure you do ID verification (as with every such site) and upload sexy profile photo and some public hot photos (at least 4) and some private (even hotter photos, possibly nude — at least 4 photos). It would be the best if you can post daily one photo there as this will maximize your earnings.

How to promote MYM.Fans profile?

Simply create Instagram and Twitter profile (if you do not have yet) and post hot photos and use hashtags related to photos and next hashtags: #mymfans #mymgirl #mym #mymmodel #meetyourmodel

Make sure you will post your MYM.Fans profile link in your bio on Instagram and Twitter. If you want to provide more links from your bio, you can use AllMyLinks or LinkTree.

And some generic hashtags depends on your photo, your personality, for example: #beautifulgirls# hotgirlsummer #bootygains🍑 #teasemagazine #gamergirl #smokingirl #bootylicious🍑 #bootypics #sexypose #bootyfordays #modelo #europeanbabe #europeangirl (there is 100′ s of such keywords you can use) — make sure you use at least 10 related keywords with each photo. Posting one photo per day (or one per 2 days) is enough — 1 photo per day on MYM.Fans and 1 photo on Instagram / Twitter. Make sure you post attractive photos.

Also they have directory where buyers can find you profile by keyword related to you (for example is your are skinny girl and somebody is looking for skinny girl, he can find you by entering this keyword into their search), so make sure you use maximum numbers of hashtags related to you (also for example for hair color — blonde, brunette or other).

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They offer you legal protection to your intellectual property, 24/7 email support (fastest in this industry) and to maximize your income, they have revenue optimization algorithms.

There is only €50 (about $60) minimum payment, which you can reach easily with some activity. You can set to receive payment twice a week, once a week, twice monthly or once a month. You can get payments to your bank account, PayPal or crypto payments.

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This is unbiased MYM Fans Review (MYM.Fans Review). We know OnlyFans is restricted to creators in some countries like Philippines. Our presented alternative is available in all countries.

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