MYM Fans Review For Creators | How to get free MYM Fans promotion?

MYM.Fans is the private social network, made in France. It allows public figures – models, influencers to monetize their content and make money.

Based on SimilarWeb data, MYM.Fans is second page (based on website visitors) after OnlyFans in this industry with highest growth rate and they got a lot of traffic from richest countries in the Europe. It is having one of the best conditions in this industry and highest conversion rate (from IG / Twitter follower conversion to paid subscriber) in Europe and they are the only in this industry with acceptation of the PayPal from buyers. NEW: They also accept crypto payments from buyers, so you will get even more buyers as a creator.

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Some of models started making even much more money than on other platforms while some models using other platform together with MYM Fans and also doubled revenue.

You share rate is up to 90%. For subscriptions you get 75%, for private sales you get 80% and for tips you get 90%. If you gain enough subscribers (activity on platform) you get even performance bonuses and you get additional percents added to your income (so you can receive highest share rate to you in industry and maximize your earnings). You can be without any worries as you can block city or countries you want.

➡️➡️ Very popular way to promote yourself is now TikTok which is easy and free to use (to promote your MYM profile). You can also post videos without showing your face (but must NOT be nude). Just write in bio then MYM: [yourusername] and that is all. You can also link your Instagram account and have link in your Instagram bio. You can also contact us and we will send you some good examples which you can copy and make success.

You as model can easily make over €1000 (about $1200) monthly as starter in this industry (if you post daily at least one photo / video). You can do also promotion yourself on social media by having link in bio and posting photos and using hashtags such as #mymfans #mymfan #mymgirl #mymgirls and some other based on your photo.

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You can do registration here and get free promotion on many channels from our agency. We are also available on our email for all questions, tips and guides (to help you grow and understand platform).

We (InstaDown9 Agency) are also offering subscription account management for small amount (and even for free when you use our link if you have over 10.000 followers on social media).

There is only €50 (about $60) minimum payment, which you can reach easily with some activity. You can set to receive payment twice a week, once a week, twice monthly or once a month. You can get payments to your bank account or PayPal, it is up to you.

They offer you legal protection and intellectual property, 24/7 email support (fastest in this industry) and to maximize your income they have revenue optimization algorithms as your photos will be shown to people interested in similar persons as you.

Also they have directory where buyers can find you profile by keyword related to you (for example is your are skinny girl and somebody is looking for skinny girl, he can find you by entering this keyword into their search), so make sure you use maximum numbers of hashtags related to you (also for example for hair color – blonde, brunette or other detail about you). You have nothing to lose.


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⭐ Make sure you add link to in your social profile (or add it to your for example).
⭐ Do not forget to add some photos and videos (more is better) before you start getting subscribers. Can be very attractive but nude parts must be naked (for public), for private photos (blurred for non-subscribers) you can show anything.
⭐ Also do ID verification to get verification badge and some other benefits including promotion directly to their users on walls.
⭐ Make sure you posts photos on social media (Instagram) and use hashtags related to MYM, for example #mymfans #mymfan #mymgirl #mymgirls #mymmodele #mymmodel #mymmodels #meetyourmodel plus hashtags related to photos to get people to see your profile and subscribe. You can use up to 30 hashtags in Instagram (anyway maximum 20 suggested). 

⭐ After you have enough photos on Instagram start following followers of mym_fans Instagram to get some followers back + buyers.

⚠️ Models who invest their time into posting content at least three, four times per week are having high chance for success and possibility to make more money than in regular job (in short-term few weeks).

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  • This is unbiased MYMfans Review (BASED ON OUR EXPERIENCE AND EXPERIENCE OF THE OUR MODELS), MYMfans Creators Review. As we participate in their MYM Ambassador program, we are able to spend our time to help you gain better results = better earnings and work with you to maximize results on on MYM Fans platform. If you are serious about this work and you are willing to spend some time on this thing, you are absolutely on the right place. With spending time to create quality content, you will surely see success. Girls who don’t make much on those platforms are usually girls that are not willing to spend some time for success and they want to earn fast huge money. We can see MYM Fans reviews (MYM Fans Reviews) are very positive and this platform is having the best reviews in the industry (based on TrustPilot).

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