MYM Fans Ambassador

MYM Ambassador is the way to earn money by inviting online creators to the platform MYM Fans. You will earn 10% commission of creators you invited earnings. Your goal must be to invite quality creators (with quality content) as this will result in good earnings for you and your creators.

MYM Ambassadors that join with our link here you will:

  • Promotion channels (you just send links of your models and we will promote them on our channels)
  • All support regarding graphic or video editing content of your models
  • Content suggestions
  • One of our team members can work directly with your models to increase theirs (and yours) earnings
  • Any good text for inviting models (that will convert to successful invitation)
  • Anything else you need to have success with MYM Fans Ambassador program

It will cost you nothing to try, it is all up to you. But it is better than OnlyFans Referral because you get 10% commission for 3 years, while with OnlyFans referral you can get only 5% for 1 year. It is big difference in terms of years and in terms of percent.

If model in OF is making 5000$ per month you will earn $250 per month for 1 year (without any additional work), in total $3000.

If model in MYM is making $5000 per month you will earn $500 per month for 3 years (without any additional work), in total $18000.

Even with smaller models you can make some good money. Your hard work will pay off.

➡️ Join to MYM Fans Ambassador here and get all help and promotion channels for free! 

Use our links for registration on the platforms, contact us and we will guide you to success for FREE 🚀